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38mm Glav Joist Hanger Nail




















CN-Galv Fibre Cement Nails - 5kgs


100mm Flatheads 5kgs


100mm Joltheads 5kgs


125mm Flatheads 5kgs


125mm Joltheads 2kgs


125mm Joltheads 5kgs


150mm Flat Heads 5kgs


50mm Flat Heads 2kgs




75mm Flatheads 5kgs






90mm Joltheads 2kgs




32mm Coil Nails


50mm Coil Nails


57mm Coil Nails


60mm Bright Coil Nails


64mm Coil Nails


90mm Coil Nails


60mm Galv FH Decking Nails


60mm S/S FH Decking Nails



40g Top Load fuel cell for CF325 Paslode nail gun


50mm Bright Strip Nails OUT OF STOCK


75mm Bright Strip Nails


90mm Bright Strip Nails x 2000pcs


50mm Galv S Strip Nails x 2000pcs


50mm Galv R Strip Nails 2000pcs


65mm Galv Ring Strip Nails x 2000pcs


75mm Galv Ring Strip Nails x 2000pcs


90mm Galv Strip Nails x 2000pcs

90x3.15mm Galv Gun Nails 2000pc box


90mm S/S Strip Nails


hose reel


Hex Head Wood Screws 75mm x 100pc


Hex Head Wood Screws 100mm x 100pc




Tornado 310

The Tornado 310 is ideal for trade or small shop needing light weight but compact performance.


Trail blazer 12

Trail Blazer 12 Compressor


Type 17 Batten Screws100mm x 100 no off


Type 17 Batten Screws 125mm x 100 No off


Type 17 Batten Screws 75mm x 100 No off


75mm Galvanised Joltheads 5kgs


8Gx50mm Stainless Steel Wood Screw


Thru bolts OUT OF STOCK


GSN-1665 Finishing framing gun


SS Angled Groove Product Nails 3.15x30mm


Underlay Nails 2.5x 25mm


Black Top Coil Nails 50mm x 2.87


Silicone Bronze Rosehead Nails


Fibre Cement Nails 2.8x 40mm


Hex Head Wood Screws 50mm x 100pc


Brads- 32mm Angl/Galv


Cn-Clout Nails 30 x 3.15mm x 5kg


Brads-50mm Angl/Galv


90mm Bright gun nails x 2000pcs


Type 17 Batten Screws 150mm x 100


78mm Fuel cells for finishing guns


GFN3490- CH


90mm Galv Strip Nails x 3000pcs incl 3 x Fuel cells


90mm Bright Strip Nails x 3000pcs incl 3 x Fuel cells


Hex Head Tek screw 14 x 50mm x 1500pcs


Hex Head Tek screw 14 x 75mm x 800pcs


Hex Head Tek screw 14 x 75mm x 800pcs


65mm Galv Strip Nails Ring Shank x 3000pcs


50mm Galv ring shank Strip Nails x 3000pcs



Air Compressors

About Nails Pacific

Nails Pacific are proudly New Zealand owned and operated, providing wholesale distribution of a range of fasteners. Our aim is to provide the highest quality products at the best possible price. We pride ourselves in offering great products, timely delivery, and excellent service with the goal to help you to improve your bottom line & save $$$.

We are a friendly local team who can offer you a personalised service to find the right solution for your company’s fastener needs.

Key Contacts

Richard Stratton
Managing Director
Ph: 021 881 422

Vanessa Rees
Accounts Manager
Ph: 027 722 4342

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Phone +64 3 339 6561


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27 Marylands Place
Christchurch 8024

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